Saturday, October 27, 2018

tyre ... locked during sudden braking

Sunny day, temperature is about 28 degree Celsius.

Tyre: BridgeStone BATTLAX S20 EVO

Sudden braking before the traffic light (Yellow -> Red), my tyres were locked, I felt my bike sliding a little bit.

Thanks God, I stopped my bike safely.

I hope the ABS will be a must in Hong Kong asap. There are still many entry-level bikes do not have the ABS, such as my CR 190R.

ABS do not 100% guarantee safe stop; however, ABS can increase the safety level of driving.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Hong Kong Island ... 2nd times

Today, weather is O.K., I went to a Must Place for biker ... ... Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir Dam.

Actually, this road may not for vehicles

This time, I walked through the road before driving into the Dead End.

Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir Dam

In the past, there was 2 way road; however, there were many big vehicles using this road and making traffic jam because the road is very very narrow.
Now, there are traffic lights controlling the vehicles and the road becomes One Way Only at regular intervals.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Dead Tree ... ... Dead End ... ...

Since the GPS signal was lost, there are too many trees ... the exact location of the U-turn was not known.
The Google Map is for reference only.

Road to Mau Tso Ngam

Dead Tree ... Dead End

The nightmare came ... How could I make an U-turn ... this is a down-hill road ... ... the width is the same as that of a private car ...

This was my second try of the U-turn, I made the U-turn at a wider location and the slope is lesser as well ... the first time was failed because the slope of the road is too large, I could not hold the bike and push it backward.

After the U-turn ... I was exhausted ...

Thanks God .. ... I am safe now.

Today's experience may answer most people about choosing a bike ... ... besides of the seat height, the weight of the bike is also critical. If you would like to drive alone ... you have to choose a bike that not only you can pull / push it up after an accident, you are better choosing a bike that you can push it backward uphill ... ... in order to make a tight U-turn at the Downhill Dead End ... ... or try driving like a motocross professional ... 180 degree turn at a point ...  at a slope.

Last advice ... ... a bike has a Foot Kick Start is better ... I do not know how to start my bike at the Downhill Dead End if the battery is dead ... ...