Thursday, December 20, 2018

CB 190R ... sold

Today, my CB190R was sold.

There are many reasons for selling the bike, but the most critical one is my wife cannot be the passenger comfortably and safely.

I am looking forward to a budget buy tricycle which has the ABS, TCS, ... ...

See all you again on the road.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Service Manual of Honda CB 190R

The Service Manual and the Parts Catalouge of Honda CB 190R were found.

You may download at the following websites:

Shop Manual / Service Manual

Parts Catalouge

Enjoy your DIY Maintenance / Repair / Upgrade.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Electric Tricity

Today is double 11 (11 Nov) ... a big day for online shopping in China. I found this at TaoBao ...

The mechanism is like the one of Yamaha Tricity

Saturday, October 27, 2018

tyre ... locked during sudden braking

Sunny day, temperature is about 28 degree Celsius.

Tyre: BridgeStone BATTLAX S20 EVO

Sudden braking before the traffic light (Yellow -> Red), my tyres were locked, I felt my bike sliding a little bit.

Thanks God, I stopped my bike safely.

I hope the ABS will be a must in Hong Kong asap. There are still many entry-level bikes do not have the ABS, such as my CR 190R.

ABS do not 100% guarantee safe stop; however, ABS can increase the safety level of driving.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Hong Kong Island ... 2nd times

Today, weather is O.K., I went to a Must Place for biker ... ... Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir Dam.

Actually, this road may not for vehicles

This time, I walked through the road before driving into the Dead End.

Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir Dam

In the past, there was 2 way road; however, there were many big vehicles using this road and making traffic jam because the road is very very narrow.
Now, there are traffic lights controlling the vehicles and the road becomes One Way Only at regular intervals.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Dead Tree ... ... Dead End ... ...

Since the GPS signal was lost, there are too many trees ... the exact location of the U-turn was not known.
The Google Map is for reference only.

Road to Mau Tso Ngam

Dead Tree ... Dead End

The nightmare came ... How could I make an U-turn ... this is a down-hill road ... ... the width is the same as that of a private car ...

This was my second try of the U-turn, I made the U-turn at a wider location and the slope is lesser as well ... the first time was failed because the slope of the road is too large, I could not hold the bike and push it backward.

After the U-turn ... I was exhausted ...

Thanks God .. ... I am safe now.

Today's experience may answer most people about choosing a bike ... ... besides of the seat height, the weight of the bike is also critical. If you would like to drive alone ... you have to choose a bike that not only you can pull / push it up after an accident, you are better choosing a bike that you can push it backward uphill ... ... in order to make a tight U-turn at the Downhill Dead End ... ... or try driving like a motocross professional ... 180 degree turn at a point ...  at a slope.

Last advice ... ... a bike has a Foot Kick Start is better ... I do not know how to start my bike at the Downhill Dead End if the battery is dead ... ...

Friday, September 28, 2018

Armor ... better than nothing

Motorcycle hit on a rubbish on highway ... ...

Thanks GOD, I could safely come across the wood bar during the "P" period (Probationary driving license)...

This Cam Record shows us that:
Motorcycle Armor is needed even on the city road
A bike can balance itself ... most accident is caused by our wrong control. Therefore, trust your bike, it can bring you to your destination safely if you drive safely ... ... No speeding, and remember, city road is not a circuit.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Tropical Cyclone, Mangkhut is coming ... secure / tie your bike

Mangkhut is coming, I parked my bike to another parking space which has a pole. Moreover, I tied the bike to the anchor and the pole.

I hope my bike will not sleep on the floor during the bad bad weather.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Tropical Cyclone - Mangkhut

Mangkhut is coming to Hong Kong ... ... the power of this Tropical Cyclone is very very large ... therefore, tie your bike to a pole unless your bike is parked in a completely closed area.

More details about the Mangkhut, please go to:

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Nice morning drive

Today, I woke up very early, about 5:00 A.M. ...
No rain ... Start the Engine ...

My phone was malfunction again ... I have to reboot the phone in order to get the reliable GPS signal; therefore, the record was start from the destination ... Golden Beach Car-park, Tuen Mun.

You may find that the Back Case was uninstalled from my CB190R. It is beacuse the mechanic told me the 4-bolt installation method (refer to the previous post) is not reliable, the 4-bolt area of some CB190Rs were broken ...

Actually, in the past, I could feel the Back Case swung  when the road conditions were not good. After uninstalling the Back Case, I get back the confidence driving fast on the uneven road because the control is better and I do not need to worry about the "taking off" of the Back Case from my bike. 

Before I went back to home, I drove to the Fei Ngo Shan again; however, I chose another path - Sha Tin Pass Road.

Today, weather is good, the bike is good.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Friday, August 24, 2018

Friday, August 17, 2018

Wild boar / Sus scrofa at Fei Ngo Shan

After the rainy days ... the rain stopped this night. I can ride my 190R again ...

There was misty in the mountain ... my little yellow flood light was better than nothing.

Tonight was lucky night ... this was the first time I saw the Wild boar / Sus scrofa in Hong Kong ... ... there were One big, mother ?, and 3 to 4 little children ... ...

I did not take photos with them ... Wild boar is aggressive, especially there were little children. Their mother might attack people. Actually, there were 2 dogs chasing them ...

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Sunny day after 3 weeks rainy days

Saturday and Sunny day ... ... after 3 weeks rainy days.

Parked 3 weeks in the car-park ... my 190R can still be started with one press ... ...

No photos today, I just want to give the 190R some "exercises" ... ...

Friday, June 29, 2018

First 2000

After nearly 1.5 years ... the first 2000 km ... ... I have to drive more ... drive further ...

Monday, June 18, 2018

Two of the most rough and uneven roads in Hong Kong ... Ching Cheung Road, Lung Cheung Road

Today is Dragon Boat Festival, I tried Two of the most rough and uneven roads in Hong Kong ... Ching Cheung Road, Lung Cheung Road.

For the business days, both are dangerous roads in Hong Kong for the motorcyclists because of lots of trucks, buses, fast cars and the rough and uneven road conditions.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Helmet ... tough helmet

Helmet ... really tough helmet

However, the motorcyclist drove his life into the DEAD Zone. This accident is 100% avoidable.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Flood LIght - Yellow

I just tried the Yellow Flood Light at a place where there are nearly no street lamp pole.
The video shows the Light Pattern clearer than that viewing by my eyes. The yellow flood light let me see more about the two sides of the road, this is quite important at the mountain road.
However, the power of this flood light is not enough for the REAL Motorcycle Touring.

Flood Light (Yellow)

For me, in Hong Kong, this yellow flood light is for increasing the safety during the Spring, misty weather and ... ... makes my motorcycle more stylish after installing the old-school protection bar.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tai Mong Tsai Road, Pak Tam Chung ... Cow on the road

Tai Mong Tsai Road, Pak Tam Chung ... Cow on the road

Cow at 0:25

The cow is in the middle of the road, the color ... ... brown ... this is very difficult to be seen.
That is why speeding on the road is very dangerous. No one know what on the road will be ... a cow, a dog ... a man crossing the road ... or even a soft drink can ... ... One of them can force us to make an emergency braking or lane change ... and we may lose control if the conditions of the road surface is not good.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Good Design for the passenger

Photos were found from the Internet:

There is a handle bar for the passenger, it can provide more stability to the passenger and reduce the chance of pulling or pushing the driver.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

1st May ... Public Holiday Morning Drive ... ...

Today is 1st May, Labour Day, Public Holiday. Therefore, I could have a Morning Drive ...

The weather was not good, but there was no rain.

This was my first time driving to the Fo Tan area and used the Tate's Cairn Tunnel. The Tunnel fee for motocycle is HK$15 ... quite expensive but the quality of the road is fine and time saving.

A Police Bike passed me very fast ... ... I am driving at about 70km/Hr

Reason of driving fast ... ... There is a T.A. (Traffic Accident) at the Roundabout ...
Ma On Shan 22.430581, 114.252835

Saturday, April 14, 2018

錶板入蟲, Bug is inside the Dashboard

CB 190R ... 錶板 有蟲入侵 ... 未死 ... 走來走去
There is a bug inside my CB 190R's dashboard ... ... it walks around ...

Friday, March 30, 2018

2018-3-30 復活節 遊一遊

今早五點多便睡醒了,決定早遊 ... 第一次無用導航,只看路牌 ... 最遠去了 北潭涌郊野公園巴士總站,回程 將軍澳入油,再上飛鵝山,然後回家。

到現時為止 ... 駕駛電單車最大難度有3:
  1. 停車: 要靠左邊坐才可平放左腳掌在地
  2. 向下斜、窄路調頭: 要落車,向後推車才可完成 "3手軚"
  3. 慢車窄路U turn: 可能加了尾箱,重心高了,車太慢便要落腳撐一撐地

Saturday, March 17, 2018

終於過海 ... 香港島

家住九龍東,今早天灰密雲但無雨,一早起了床,所以決定出車 ... ...
由東區海底隧道過海,落 北角,再經 雲景道 上山 -> 大坑道 -> 黃泥涌峽道 -> 香港仔 -> 華富邨 ->  薄扶林道 -> 德輔道西 (電車路) -> 上環信德中心 -> 干諾道中 -> 告士打道 -> 東區走廊 -> 東隧 -> 九龍東

第一次走港島的山路,大清早不是太多車,但亦因此要更加小心,因沒有前車 開路,山路窄,又有對頭巴士,又不熟路,所以入灣時不可以太快。

但整段路最驚險原來不是面對山路的重型車,反而是 東區走廊 回程時的大風 ... 第一次被吹至移位,全程要用大腿夾實車身來平衡,就連轉線時的指定動作 shoulder check,都即時感受到風阻。車速都不敢太快,牌速 70,速度錶 70。曾嘗試加速,但速度一上,受風更大,車身不穩 ... ...

Monday, February 19, 2018

第一次 雙騎 (車尾載人)

完P後,今早第一次嘗試雙騎,雖然已參考了網上的一些教學 / 提醒,但正式駕駛時跟一個人的獨駕操控完全不同。因為有月租車位,所以今早是在停車場內練習。


另外,載人後因重量增加,經過減速帶時都有擦底的情況,所以於練習後都把 尾避震的預載由 "軟" 調回 "中",為下次練習作準備。

Saturday, February 10, 2018


2月8日 ... 終於都完P了 ... ... 完P前沒有開車3星期,為免有不必要的失誤而導致P期要延長。

2月9日 一早便到運輸署排隊 加簽 3、22號執照,不要收費,所需時間亦只是 5分鐘左右。然後再到保險公司續保第三者保險,因已取得正式執照,保費可以調低,連同 10% NCB,每年保費只是 $1250。



Saturday, January 13, 2018

五羊本田 (五本) CB190R 暴鋒眼 WH175 玩樂車耗油量分享

差不多一年,但只跑了 1千多公里,香港地理環境不算小,但因P牌(練習牌照)在身,稍有犯錯便要被延長P牌期或甚至要重考,所以都忍耐著,不敢遠行。

  $   Km L Km/L  
電油 144.11 2017年2月18日 0 10.12   Fuelsave 
電油 90.74 2017年4月22日 260 6.35 40.94488 Fuelsave
電油 89.03 2017年7月14日 266 6.41 41.49766 Fuelsave
電油 72.07 2017年9月8日 252 4.94 51.01215 Fuelsave
電油 90.52 2017年10月31日 220 6.23 35.313 V-power
電油 86.33 2018年1月12日 236 5.74 41.11498 Fuelsave
  572.8   1234 29.67 41.5908  

以上是入油記錄,基本上 暴鋒眼 的平均耗油都在 每升跑 41.6公里 或 每100公里 耗油 2.4公升。如果 換算為 金錢,現時每升電油大約 15港元,即 每一公里要花 0.36港元。

CB190R 使用手冊內註明的 燃油消耗是 每100公里 少過或特於 2.9公升

小弟 體重約 50公斤
尾箱 和 箱內物品 總重約 10公斤

每100公里耗油 2.4公升,不算很省油,因小弟一來怕 引擎太低轉 容易因路面變化導致扭力不夠推動車輛而熄火,二來 暴鋒眼 於 大約 5000轉 至 7000轉 的區間是我感到最舒服的駕駛時間,所以市區路段大多時間都是 3波,大直路才會考慮上4波 或 5波。

中國大陸 對 CB190R 的評價有好有壞,比例沒有統計。在香港,CB190R 很少見,始終 190C.C. 不到的 檔車,對於香港的車友根本看不上眼。而香港山路不少,市區路段 (限速 50KM/Hr 或以下)和高速路段 (限速 70KM/Hr 或 以上) 又不時混在一起,駕駛細馬力的車真的要安守本份,不可以胡亂超車。

2月份P牌便會完結,期望安然過渡 ... 有機會繼續分享。

Friday, January 5, 2018

羊羊大國 - 台灣

早前到台南市旅行,終於見識到 台灣羊 的勁 ... ... 臭。

台灣天文台每天都報出 空污的新聞,不是紅,便是黃,到街上逛一逛,頭也有點痛。街上不少人都會戴上口罩,台灣政府都建議市民戴口罩,但老實說,普通的手術口罩,根本對空污的污染物和毒氣一點也沒有阻隔作用。


局部放大 ... 便看到 台灣棉羊機車燈位起步排位 ... 一轉綠燈,羊羊便像 格蘭披治 起步一樣衝

在台南市生活,因沒有鐵路,公車 (巴士) 班次又少,所以不懂騎機車是無法正常生活。學生不用機車,都會踏單車。


商場購物優惠活動都有 頭盔換購,可想而知台灣人使用機車的情況,根本是日用品。
亦因此,街上見到最多的都是 自動波棉羊機車,以125C.C.或以下的車款最多,車輕又不會死火,方便左穿右插。至於車的狀況,真的幾殘舊都有,噴出來的廢氣幾臭都有。

台灣旗津渡輪,機車 和 人 的渡輪


亦有一款 可讓 輪椅使用者駕駛的 改裝機車,但見到時剛有 輪椅使用者 駕駛,不便拍照,但設計是 把 一輛 機車 車頭和車身分開再焊接,原車身位置改裝成 輪椅平台,整架輪椅可以駛上去平台再固定,原機身的車身在平台的左邊,這樣輪椅使用者便不用離開輪椅,直接駕駛機車。