Saturday, October 6, 2018

Dead Tree ... ... Dead End ... ...

Since the GPS signal was lost, there are too many trees ... the exact location of the U-turn was not known.
The Google Map is for reference only.

Road to Mau Tso Ngam

Dead Tree ... Dead End

The nightmare came ... How could I make an U-turn ... this is a down-hill road ... ... the width is the same as that of a private car ...

This was my second try of the U-turn, I made the U-turn at a wider location and the slope is lesser as well ... the first time was failed because the slope of the road is too large, I could not hold the bike and push it backward.

After the U-turn ... I was exhausted ...

Thanks God .. ... I am safe now.

Today's experience may answer most people about choosing a bike ... ... besides of the seat height, the weight of the bike is also critical. If you would like to drive alone ... you have to choose a bike that not only you can pull / push it up after an accident, you are better choosing a bike that you can push it backward uphill ... ... in order to make a tight U-turn at the Downhill Dead End ... ... or try driving like a motocross professional ... 180 degree turn at a point ...  at a slope.

Last advice ... ... a bike has a Foot Kick Start is better ... I do not know how to start my bike at the Downhill Dead End if the battery is dead ... ...

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  1. Hey there,

    Drop by your blog randomly after some search on Google. I am a motorbike beginner as well and hope to see you on the street some time! In exchange here's my blog for daily observation too. Keep the rev up!